Quitting is not an Option

Categorically remove the option to quit.

Now, break down your task into the smallest chunks necessary- and begin.

The first steps may seem punitive compared to the goal of sweet victory accomplished. But if it didn't seem so far or difficult to achieve, then it wouldn't be so worthy of your dreams now would it?

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The Shift- a Memoir of this Transformative Chapter

There are many different chapters of life when it is clearly time to make a shift. Some of us refer to this as "changing with the seasons" others refer to the "ebbs and flows" of life. I may have called this past chapter of my life any one of these cliché titles a time or two. But never did I lose sight of the destination in the process.

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If I'm just Spirit anyway...

Why must Soul Embodied slam the hammer to the iron? Why must he disrobe the loosely hanging skinsuit in effort to create a new? Why must I bleed ink to paper canvas just to spill a heart that simply lives a century upon this rock?

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The Way I Eat- A Monday-Sunday Look at the Nutrtion of Yours Truly

In my infinite quest to find, build or manifest the fountain of chiseled, high-performance Youth I have tried out many different diets, programs, protocols and fads. I have never and will never roll out a particular style of eating unless I have tried it out myself or done some in-depth research on how one's particular physiology, set and setting may be cohesive for such diet. With that said, I have been following a version of the diet spelled out below for nearly three years now

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Behind the Scene Routine- How to enjoy every moment of life while remaining in-line with your heart's desires

I am spontaneous. Maybe even sporadic at times. I am here then there and everywhere, often filling every moment of my day with work and play and joy just to come crashing into bed at night having squeezed out as much sweet juice as I could from the fruit of each day. As playful and spontaneous as I allow myself to be and happily thrive- there is quite a bit of behind the scenes routine that goes on to allow it.

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I Am it all

As the entire Universe dances in a seamless melody of systematic chaos, infinite energy exchanges from a conscious mind and into flow. In times such as this, a keen observer may be forced to wonder: Which part of me is precisely me?

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Reigniting Your Wild Heart

When was the last time you did any of the following:

Howl at the moon?

Climb a tree?

Play in the surf?

Move like an animal?

 Why shouldn't we take the time to nurture the wild heart that lives in us all? Are we not just animals ourselves after all? Correct me if I'm wrong- but there are times in life you feel lost and out of control.

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Can't we relax into the utter unknown? Can't we smile with this unexpected guest we call Uncertainty? 

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Reopening a Closed off Being- How the Red Light Reflex Has Closed off more than just your Physical Body and 3 ways You can Resolve it
  • Over 80% of Americans suffer from back pain (Med.UNC)
  • 1 in 12 adults suffer from a form of depression (ADDitudemag.com)
  • And 18 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders (elementsbehaviorhealth.com)

How in God's name are these un-fun facts all related and why am I sharing them with you?

Quickly scroll your attention back up to the opening lines of this article and strive to actually feel the words…

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Be Fearless and Play!

Remember your childhood days when Playing was your top priority? You could run around for hours climbing trees, and playing tag or make-believe. Sunday you would be a prince or a lion, Tuesday you might choose to be a Wizard or a Witch! Why not?

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Meditate While You do the Dishes

Meditate while you do the dishes. Why not? Why not be at peace with the little tasks you must complete throughout your day? These tasks are not going anywhere, so why not find the joy while taking your garbage out? Sing a song and maybe even bust out a dance move here or there.

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Bacon Wrapped Dates

The Bacon Wrapped Date with Bleu Cheese: The last appetizer you will ever make to earn all of the love from every friend and family member you have ever wanted to please (unless that friend is on a diet).

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Rise and Grind

This is the exercise guide to most effectively burn fat from Me to You. It's derived from decades of education, trial and error and from being my own personal guinea pig. An infinitely evolving quest for the miracle program as it stands today is actually really pretty great;

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Beginning Your Day in Bliss

While living life on this crazy planet there are all sorts of ways we can get distracted. Usually these distractions will come and go, often replaced by a new distraction and stressors. 

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Primal Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Okay- here it is. The last primal cookie recipe you will ever need! (Well, not the last one I will ever post, but my current go-to when I am craving something warm, gooey and delicious). Easy, simple and oh so good. 

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