Mindful Check-In Practice

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This article provides a 2-part mindfulness practice to guide you through the right meditation for the right moment. Learn it. Try it. Apply it. Comment with any cool stories or insights.

Pt 1: Tuning in

Begin by “dropping in” to the body by way of the chakras. By tuning into each chakra you will send awareness to each energy center. By spending a few moments/ breaths with each you will begin to  tune in to what the body needs. To properly set yourself up for pt 2 of this practice you can refine the tune in process by dividing the energy centers into three parts: lower chakras, heart chakra, and higher chakras. The goal is to essentially ask the body to provide evidence for the needs of the soul. If the lower chakras (associated with safety, security, sexuality, creativity and power) are out of balance then pt 2 will follow with a “Visualization meditation.” If the heart chakra (associated with love, bliss, compassion, self-expression and joy) is not firing on all cylinders, or perhaps vibrating off the charts, then a “Loving Kindness meditation (Metta)” will be the choice for pt 2. And finally, if the upper chakras (associated with peace, oneness and elevated states of consciousness) are in need of your attention then a “Mindfulness meditation” will be the best choice for pt 2. Please note that when I refer to one set of chakras “needing your attention” this could mean that there is a certain level of high or low energy there. IE: During your body scan, you feel your heart center overflowing with bliss, follow up with a metta. If however, the heart center is dull and reflective of your feelings of loneliness or lacking of love, follow up with a metta.

Pt 2: Mindful Merging


Just as many meditations begin with a “drop in” phase, this practice has also brought you to this point. Following pt 1, you have now guided yourself to a deeper brainwave state and a greater awareness of the body’s specific needs for you to elevate your state of being. The direction which you progress from here depends on what your body was informing You that you are in need of. Here is an example of each and the meditation that would follow.

Lower centers are especially low or high in energy: This is a sign that you may be desiring some extra “human/worldly attention.” Perhaps you have been feeling unsettled or insecure. Maybe experiencing a lack in creativity or curiosity or maybe you have some big life changes coming up and your body has informed you of its need for more inner-flame to provide a powerful fuel to push you on to your next chapter. On the contrary, if these centers have become overactive, it may be a clear sign that there is a burning desire to express from this very human place of being. If there is an abundance of pull to these lower regions, you may have some unrealized powers that have yet to be discovered and are awaiting your attention.

All of these scenarios are possible signs that the body is in need of a more refined vision of life as it is and how it can progress. A visualization meditation would follow. This meditation sees yourself performing a desired task, or life event successfully. It should be empowering and allow for further integration of feelings of successful completion of the earthly vision you possess. This could be on a large or smaller scale. One tip- allow any visualizations involving yourself to play out in the first person point of view. IE: You are watching your hand accept the $100,000 check rather than watching yourself accepting the check form a birds-eye-view. For a step-by-step guide to visualization mastery click here.

Heart chakra is low or high in energy: This is a possible sign that you are in need of more love, or that you have an overflowing amount to send out into the world. By continuing down a path of “metta” (Loving kindness meditation) you will not only be sending a signature of love out into the universe, but simultaneously lifting your frequency even higher. Of course, the heart chakra can always be a target for our attention no matter where our energy is stuck or flowing. The heart chakra is the bridge. Signatures of love and gratitude are simple ways to activate the “gateway” chakra. If at anytime the body is not informing you of where to go with your meditation, then try starting here. After some cycles of metta, perhaps the gateway will reveal just what/if the soul desires something more from your time in silence. Signs that you should continue into pt 2 with a loving kindness meditation include: feelings of lack, inadequacy, self-worth issues, powerful feelings of love, gratitude or altruism. For more information on metta click here.

Upper chakra centers under active, or overflowing: This may be proof that there is a need for added peacefulness and focus. This is often the case in one of two different scenarios:

One: you have been working yourself to the bone and in need of an “off switch.” If this is the case and your body is telling you so, it may be keen of you to continue your pt 2 into a mindfulness meditation, allowing the breath or a simple phrase to anchor you to the present moment and become the mindful observer of your thoughts.

Two: There is a big change or a shift upon the horizon. Perhaps one that you are not even fully aware of yet, but your body is informing you that by cultivating a “quiet mind” through the use of a “mindfulness meditation” you will be able to hear the possible incoming messages (downloads) from Source to assist in your next big step into elevated living.

For a fun take on beginning a mindfulness meditation practice check out my article Relax-Just do it.

As I wrap up this article, I must add, that while this method has certainly provided some excellent clarity and direction to many of my clients and myself, it is but one of an infinite amount of guides to assist in your deepening voyage to self-realization. Try it out, and feel free to suggest any methods that you have personally found helpful.

BeLight. And Stay Elevated!


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