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Train Like an Athlete; Move Like a Yogi; Live Your Best Self

Why Elevated Being is unlike any other personal training, or health coaching platforms


The old school way of thinking leaves clients reaching for something outside of themselves to reach their goals.

At Elevated Being we remind you that you are already perfect. Your every goal and desire has already been accomplished. We simply support you on your journey to uncovering the layers that forbid you from receiving this reality.

Your Best Self is Awaiting Manifestation


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Leverage the Power of the Mind, Body, and Spirit to Elevate Your Best Self

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July 24 - July 28, 2019

“CRAVE was one of the most transformational experiences I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I have been forever changed and can say that I’ve gained a beautiful new family of light-workers. Thank you!! Can’t wait for the next one!” -Sharon

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At an all time high of 320 lbs and a few separate attempts with different trainers to try and find a program that worked for me I was introduced to Mr. Rocky Russo. Rocky makes a personal investment in his clients. He encourages them to always do their very best for themselves. He does not expect anyone to learn everything all at once and he know exactly how far to push his clients and when to take it a little easier. Rocky not only encourages his clients but takes a personal interest in them as well by making sure they are eating right and getting the rest they need. I would highly recommend Rocky to anyone looking for a trainer who will build a customized program around you and your every need.
— Pauline Beaver, Registered Nurse
I trained with Rocky for a year and found him to be an EXCEPTIONAL trainer. I came to Rocky with a pretty solid fitness foundation, however, I was feeling stagnant with my training. I spent 5-6 days a week in the gym but wasn’t seeing any significant changes on my own. Rocky changed the way I worked out through his holistic approach to health and fitness. One of the most profound things he taught was how to make my workouts more efficient. He also showed me how to work out more intensely, but in a safer and more controlled manner which helped me prevent injury. His knowledge of athletics was very important too, since I had some very specific athletic goals which he understood and helped me reach. I’ve worked with different trainers in the last ten years and they all have a their own approach. I think what sets Rocky apart is his holistic approach to training, his extensive experience with athletics, the fact that he lives the lifestyle he’s promoting to his clients and the fact that he truly cares about seeing his client’s lives improve.
— Hunter Wyndham, Fitness Model/Aesthlete
Rocky Russo is AMAZING! I would recommend him in a heart beat. Rocky truly focuses on his clients needs and goals. He is well educated in health, body mechanics, nutrition and fitness. I trained with him during a very challenging time in my life. I was recovering from two herniated discs in my neck and had lost all strength in most of my upper body and lower body. As a former pole dance instructor and swimmer i felt defeated by my injury. Rocky encouraged me, supported me, and got me back to a place where I felt confident again. I became strong, lost body fat, and became healthier than ever. In addition, he is professional, genuine and sincere, which makes one feel very comfortable training with him; because it is not about him, it truly is about YOU, his client.
— Brandi Martins, Marine Scientist/Pole Instructor/Mother
Rocky is very passionate and dedicated to his work, he is also very professional and friendly! He made working out fun and not seem like a chore. Rocky changed my whole perspective about working out and made it a lifestyle. I highly recommend Rocky Russo!
— Katie Goulart, Teacher/Mother