Becoming Superhuman

Over the past decade, the fitness industry has witnessed an influx of smart technology. Most of this new tech has been marketed to optimize and objectify human performance. From Nike+ to Fitbit, countless phone apps and even live-streaming fitness classes, the face of fitness has drastically changed over these past years. While these devices have all been impressive and left consumers feeling inevitably more knowledgeable about their workouts, I have to wonder: do any of them actually amplify the user's results?


Up until now, the industry has seen an ongoing improvement in essentially the same thing; trackers. Spend as little as $30 and you can apply a few helpful numbers to your workout regimen. Finding out an approximation of your steps, average heart rate and calories burnt each day is certainly helpful, but I, for one, want more. When will the technology allow us to not just see more, but be more? When can we strap on our Iron Man suite and have superhero powers?

Well, the time has finally come.

EMS technology has been making a steady and considerable amount of noise in the wearable technology industry. While enthusiasts looking for the more efficient path to optimal wellness were developing older models such as the TENS unit and low frequency Electro "Stim" machines targeting mainly physio therapy patients and the occasional "6-minute ab" consumer, some great minds were busy taking these fitness "toys" to the level of Superhuman potential with technology such as Vision Body's Full-body EMS "Smart Suit."

On their website, the company introduces claims like "20 minutes of EMS training will replace up to 4 hours of a traditional workout," "Increase Maximum performance by up to 30% within a few weeks" and "increase muscle mass by up to 14% within a few months" [1].


Now, I'm a pretty trusting guy, but I'm no sucker, and after over a decade of growing with the fitness industry, I want to know how much truth there is to these statements. I want to know if Vision Body has really created the technology to become superhuman. So, like any good scientist, I had to check out the literature.


In a systematic review of the evidence on EMS effectiveness on strength parameters on healthy individuals, 200 peer-reviewed studies were collected, of which 59 were ultimately reviewed, meeting the search criteria (defined here). The 59 studies reviewed strength and performance parameters ranging from maximal strength and jumping ability to max speed and muscle coordination as well as many others, and the results were astonishing. Nearly every group in every study that received what has been determined as the magical formula for fitness (3 EMS sessions/week at ~50% Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC)) saw significant improvements in all measured fitness parameters, with longer studies yielding up to 40% increases in certain measured criteria. [2]


So, what does that mean to you and me?


EMS works! Perhaps, not always to the tune of 20 minutes for 4 hours, but as far as I and my clients are concerned, Full-body EMS suits such as Vision Body's first and only wire free "smart suit" is the closest thing we have to fitness technology that will actually challenge Tony Stark for a place on the Avenger's Superhuman Team. And of course, if you are simply looking to optimize your workout and become the best version of you, then EMS can do that for you too.


Now, on a personal note; I would like to announce, and simultaneously celebrate the grand opening of the only wellness company in the country to have access to this technology. "Nuzuna" is the first and only wellness company that will be using an upgraded version of the Vision Body suit for fitness classes, personal training and therapy. They have at least 6 locations opening in the Southern California area by early 2020, and, they have offered to bring me on as a partner and Director of Personal Training! [3]


I said yes.


You can say yes too, and sign up for early enrollment at our website . Get your vision body suit for FREE during the first year and experience the future of fitness. Because, you're worth it, and it's time to take fitness out of the stone age. Let's change the game together, one human at a time, let's all become superhuman!


Be Light


 Rocky Russo


Nuzuna- Director of Personal Training



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