The Seed of Wisdom

Lessons on Life from the perspective of an Apple Seed....

Imagine for a moment that you are an apple.

Crimson red, plump and crisp with size so great you bow the branch from which you hang.

On the outside you look healthy, rich and full of life, but where does this great life force come from? Not so long ago weren't you just a swelling bud at the tip of the branch from which you came? As great and beautiful as you may be now, are you not still a part of something greater?

And even when you are picked and eaten, your red flesh and crisp white meat devoured by another, what remains? The only part of you that’s left behind is that which was always there. The seed. The core. The part of you that was never, really, You! In a sense, your seed was always there. For the Source that created it came through a power much greater than your beautiful apple parts ever could be.

To an apple, higher power comes from tree, from sun, from water, soil and air. To a human being, there is an infinite flowing cosmic river which we can all inherently tap into: a river known as "Wisdom." This river was always there from birth and long before. It transcended this lifetime and was allowed exponential growth from lifetimes long ago. Like the seed of the apple, the breathing nucleus of life that fed the juicy nutritious meat and shiny red skin, this wisdom is an unspoken lifeline that we can learn to familiarize ourselves with, or should I say, RE-familiarize ourselves with? If wisdom is a timeless river, then it is simply a practice of remembering what we inherently already know.

I suggest that the most important step in doing this remembering, is to shed away our own "self" first. I am not Rocky, Rocky is but a name. I am not a brother, son, coach, surfer, yogi- no. I am but a simple seed. What made me was always here. But something greater made my branch, and this same greatness I could not fully know from the perspective of a simple seed, has also made my tree…

Still with me?

To view yourself in the way of the seed can be difficult at first. To strip away the hard-earned meat and skin and shine and shape you have worked so hard for does not sound like a fun task. Imagine for a moment you did not have all the things you’ve determined make you You!… What is left? Once we accomplish this shedding, this remembering, what is it that we see?

Well, when we are simply seed then surely we are also stem, and we must then be branch and, if we are simply seed and stem and branch, then- my God- we are also marvelous, magnificent tree. And every tree is one in the forest, so the entire forest lives in one seed. So, you are beautiful and perfect, for without you, we would not- could not- be.

When we begin to view ourselves with humility, as the most basic form of something, then simultaneously we become everything. And like the nutrients sent through the roots and to the trunk and finally out to seed, a wisdom flows to human that was and always will be. Sometimes to realize our wisdom takes uncovering things, sometimes it means unlearning, sometimes remembering can only happen when we unlearn what has kept us from recalling what was there from the beginning. For it is the thick clothes of knowledge learned on this plane in this lifetime that can deter us from recalling that the whole forest lives inside a seed. And the entire Universe lives inside you and me.

So, let us not be afraid to explore a new idea even if we choose not to accept it. Let us not define ourselves by anything at all. For once we start to view ourselves again as "Doctor," "Chef," "Lawyer," "Yogi," "Pastor," “Cynic,” “Fairy,” “Chief,” we add back to this comfortable wall we’ve created that’s divided us from Source. Instead, lets view ourselves as "Seed," and allow the nutritious source of wisdom to flow through us and mold us in our calling: as simply, “I Am”. From this expansive place of everythingness we can then change, affect and help as doctors, chefs, as lawyers, yogis, pastors, fairy’s, chiefs, or as nothing but a self-realized soul having an earthly experience, waiting to find a path to pave and share the wisdom given us from higher Source. The life-path choice belongs to you; but surely it shall be effected by this infinitely flowing river we remember, this timeless river know as Wisdom.

Rocky RussoComment