Relax, just do it

You know that feeling you get sometimes when your are completely relaxed?.. And no I am not talking about the times you are planted on your porcelain throne taking care of business. I mean the times when you can't imagine life being much better than it is right now. All you can truly do when you realize you have made it to this point is simply close your eyes and breathe it in. Perhaps your blissful moment happens on vacation with a pina colada in reaching distance and a a tropical breeze lulling you into ecstasy. Maybe these moments are found in a truck bed turned lux bed you are sharing with a loved one as you gaze up to count the shooting stars in the night sky.  It is in these moments that we become greater. In these few sacred seconds of life we are thoroughly and without a doubt, raising our vibrational frequency and becoming a better version of ourselves.

Now, because these brief slivers of life come and go so evasively in most of us, why not try working on becoming a better "relaxation hunter?" I mean, if it is so lovely, why don't you experience this more often? Well, let's keep in mind that whatever, wherever, however you find your bliss, it is and always was your decision to marinade for a while in this moment. You decided to close your eyes and fully allow yourself to be there in it. So, perhaps then, this is something we can recreate more often then? I mean, why not? If you are still reading then perhaps you've already started drumming up memories of the moments you have allowed yourself to fall into your bliss. So, let's got there right now! You know it will feel good... I'm not talking about logging onto Travelocity and booking the next flight to Tahiti. I'm talking about going there mentally, followed by emotionally, and then allowing your nerves and senses to tag along physically. Go there! Seriously, let's practice; you did say you wanted to become a better relaxation hunter... SO, whether you have 30 seconds, 3 minutes or 3 hours to work on your new craft why don't we start with these few steps to help you become a better meditator- I mean "relaxation hunter" (insert wink face). 

So, you understand that this endorphin-driven decision that your body instinctivally tells you to just let happen is one that can be replicated? Good, so first things first-

  1. Let's sit comfortably right here and now, if you are able to and would like, go ahead and lounge. Not fully flat, but just relaxed.
  2. if you like music, then go ahead and find your most relaxing, favorite band and start to settle in to your cloud- I mean chair... (if you are at a loss for musical elixirs try one/all of these: Alive- The Green, Chill or be Chilled- Polish Ambassador, Gift- The Movement)
  3. Now, tune out. After reading these next two steps go ahead and close your eyes and tune into your there mentally.. Feel your toes peeking out of the sand just enough for the lapping turquoise water to cool as you sink into the warm white sand in your favorite vacation spot.
  4. Last step! Focus on your breathing. How has it changed? Are your inhalations longer and more drawn out? Is your belly filling up first and then delivering air passage up to your expanding chest, throat and nourishing your third eye- I mean forehead? Hold the top of that inhalation and feel your consciousness expanding its reach further into this new reality it is living in. Exhale slowly, as  you feel the bottom of your cheeks tugging gently on the corners of your mouth as you delightfully find your smile... 
  5. Repeat as long as necessary or desired.

No, no, this is not a meditation guide, it's a lesson on becoming a "relaxation hunter".  Call it what you will, but again I would nudge you to keep in mind that, You just did all that yourself. It didn't require going anywhere or doing anything. Eventually, your this will be replaced with your now. For, as you will soon come to fully realize- there is no better moment than this one. This is the bow you are unwrapping on your greatest gift ever given to you. This is life; Your life. Is this moment beautiful? Is this one?... Continue practicing your new found craft and allow the lessons learned while basking in your moments of meditation to begin carving out the beauty you will see in every now. The birds that just flew past you singing love songs to you, the breeze that stirs your hair up in this head massage from Source, the laughter from your children as you walk in through the door. This moment is happening now; live in it. And until you have found it in all its glory- repeat steps 1 through 5. 


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