Time To Increase Your Frequency

“Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” or “down in the dumps?” Perhaps a “case of the Monday’s?…” However you chose to label it; don’t you just want to get over it as fast as you can?Life is often unpredictable, hell, Life is often down-right rude! There will always be a wrench ready to get thrown in the spokes of your reality, and sometimes when you are down Life just keeps finding ways not to let you up. So, then I wonder… are you the conductor of your life or just a victim in it? I believe that there is one way to answer this question, and in answering it correctly, you will be allowing yourself to take the most important step in the endless journey of “increasing your frequency.” Increasing your frequency? What do I mean??….
Our every thought, feeling and story (internal dialogue) and action will manifest in a vibrational frequency; these frequencies are your output to the world around you. What you put out will always return on the same wavelength so, why not aim for the highest frequency attainable to live your life by? Explore these thoughts and insights if it appeases you, and know that it comes not from long hours of studying in the library for the tests you take in school. But rather from practice and experience (along with much personal reading and research). My whole life I have been considered an “eternal optimist” finding a half full glass in just about any situation. But allow me to elaborate in a slightly more scientific manner just how much You are exactly who You want to be and why…
Let’s begin with a crash course on the very fabric of nature that binds us and our feelings, emotions and beliefs together… When you experience an emotion let’s call it “self-doubt” (for this emotion seems to be all too prevalent in this over-analytic western world) your hypothalamus (small section in the brain) translates that emotion into billions of unique neuropeptides (tiny chains of amino acid). These neuropeptides flood through your entire body’s blood vessels with their sights set on the unique receptacles on your body’s cell membranes to fit in to and call home, essentially delivering the effects of that emotion to your entire body! So, because of the unique characteristics of both the neuropeptide associated with self-doubt and the receptacle in which it will fit into, if self-doubt is experienced on a fairly regular basis then naturally the body’s adaptive response will be to create more receptacles to fit this neuropeptide into- this of course makes You more and more DEPENDENT on the emotion of self-doubt. So, at this point, your body’s cells are literally being nourished by self-doubt! They are craving it and needing it similar to the way an addict needs his fix.
Still with me?… In laymen’s terms, your body’s proper function is literally dependent on you feeling your most prevalent emotions as often as possible. So, without further ado, allow me to share the secret to increasing your frequency; to eternal positivity and happiness…. BE HAPPIER!! Well, of course this is the obvious answer, especially now that you understand why. But to simply “be happier” is often easier said than done. So, let’s explore a few proven ways that you can begin to increase your frequency and manipulate the cravings of your cells so that you can transform from a circumstantially-dependent lukewarm soul into a beaming ball of glowing, contagious fiery exuberant health and happiness! The choice is yours! You are the conductor of your reality, this is the answer and here is how you can begin to recapture the helm of your vessel.
There are three tools in which we will discuss that will play an extremely important and immediate part in successfully increasing your frequency; they are: Your beliefs, Your stories, and Your feelings… Your Beliefs are the central ideologies that you personally define your life by. They are your “truths”, what you know to be absolute. Your Stories- the internal dialogue and constant chatter that you allow into your psyche. And Your Feelings of course are the subjective emotion associated with your current setting, let’s think of them as your personal thermometer. Your feelings will be your constant tool to letting you know whether or not your (more immediate) stories are in line with your (more concrete, and unchanging) beliefs, so listen to yourself closely for quite often, the best way to increase your frequency is to trace a negative feeling back to the source of the reason it’s there in the first place.
In order to successfully keep your vibrations positive and let your frequency make a positive impact on everyone around you, your stories must be in alignment with your beliefs. Let me say this again- Your stories must be in line with your beliefs! Now again, this can be easier said than done when you begin to paint “real life” into the picture… Lets take for example a mormon missionary- on his mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints- in a foreign territory, he finds the girl of his dreams, his soulmate. Now, his strong beliefs in his system of religion forbid him from pursuing any sort a relationship more than that of teacher/ student with the girl; but he is love-drunk and in a daze, and then all of a sudden his feelings begin to take over, lowering his frequency immensely… He may be feeling guilt, remorse, or shame because his internal dialogue of love, and obsession for the girl do not at all coincide with his religious beliefs. So, the missionary, like anyone in a situation such as this, has two options- either change his stories to realign with his religious beliefs IE. forget about his soul mate and get back to his missionary work, or- decide to begin the much longer, and inevitably more grueling process that is changing his beliefs (more on this later).

Now that you possess a clear understanding of the way our frequencies manifest, how do we go about increasing them? Let’s begin with a self-assessment. How are you feeling right now? Why are you feeling that way?… whether you are reading this from a place of low vibrations or from high, take a moment to consider one very important fact. Your feelings are not You, and don’t let them try and fool you, because they will if you allow it. The feelings you are experiencing right now are there for a reason and can be changed in the blink of an eye. This can be done through simple impromptu meditation, in fact, let’s try it right now… Close your eyes and visualize yourself in one of your very happiest of moments. Feel the warmth of the fire blanketing you on a snowy christmas morning, listen to the laughter of your loved ones close enough to touch. See yourself in pure content as you deeply inhale the love and peacefulness of the day, hold and that breath or two in as you bask in the moment before you exhale out any left over lower frequency… Open your eyes, understand what is happening in your body now, as billions of positively charged happy neuropeptides are flooding through your bloodstream finding ways to nourish you on oh such a higher vibration. You deserve those deep breaths, find time for more.
As you explore further into the benefits of meditation perhaps you will find it useful to schedule time to quiet the chatter of your mind and focus on the positivity and nothingness of the universe and the wonderful, unique part you personally play in it on a regular basis. Meditation can be done in the traditional lotus pose you’ve undoubtedly seen performed by a ceramic Buddha or monk on TV or it can be done right here and now, as you have just witnessed. One of my most frequent places to practice is in the car as I breath deeply in with some positively-charged uplifting music. This is why I tend to be particular with the vibes that make their way through my stereo. I personally tend to lean more towards care-free reggae, or folk, indie hip-hop and melodic major-key trance. The positive messages of love, strength and gratitude will help you to match the same frequency in which the words and tones come from. For as one of my greatest inspirations sings “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, being human can be great, no matter what is on your plate- Be Grateful.” (Nahko and Medicine for the People). For a list of frequency lifting, positive vibration music refer to the list following this blog. Feel free to contribute any songs that you feel I have completely missed.
When I have more time to practice quieting my mind I make my way to the park or the beach and practice meditation while in the midst of movement through free-flow or traditional yoga. During these longer sessions, I have found that the easiest way to achieve your higher consciousness is to focus your attention on the void… any void will do. Close your eyes and tune into the sounds around you as they begin to blur together in a hushing white noise. As you do this, try focusing on the nothingness around a single star in the sky and understanding that this nothingness is simply love. Feel your body transcending toward this glowing beacon in the black sky and feeling all the dark void wrapping around you in a state of warming bliss. You will feel your lungs breathing deeper and more meaningfully as they soak in the love/void while you enjoy the time you have to spend giving back to You…Sometimes I enjoy accompanying this time with the same style musical undertone as mentioned before so that no matter if I have 3 minutes or 3 hours, I will undoubtedly walk away from my time in a state of pure bliss, happy and grateful.
Now, meditation can be a very helpful tool to uplift your feelings if practiced with the right discipline, if done regularly it will also help you uplift your stories and outlook on many of life’s all-too reliable obstacles. But this second technique to Increasing your Frequency, takes very little practice, but much discipline to accomplish. “Telling more beneficial stories” can be one of the single most influential gifts you give to yourself. For the internal dialogue that is at a constant when we are not in meditation plays such an impactful part on your personal vibrations. The best rule of thumb to govern your mind’s constant chatter with is to “tell the best story possible.” Always, always just tell the best story that you possibly can for any given situation and your frequency will remain high. Now, obviously we do not want to lie to ourselves, for a mixed emotion will surely arise from a story stating that “the doughnut is a healthy part of my weight loss diet” but, perhaps “the one doughnut I ate today is not a part of my diet, but I am so proud and grateful I had the will-power not to eat 3 more today” is a far more believable and extremely beneficial story. Story telling is not confined to the self either. As you begin to master the art of loving yourself through your positive stories, you must also allow yourself to find the glass half full in the people, places and situations around you. For the high-vibrating soul would simply never allow the story into their psyche that states “how annoying the young girl crying on the airplane is”… Instead they might feel sympathy for the child and wish that her situation might improve (but only if that’s a believable story.)
*Now, I must accompany this technique with a warning of sorts- when you begin to successfully start “telling the best story possible,” others may be thrown off at first. They may criticize you for always being so happy and positive, when “there should be nothing to smile about.” Understand that these people simply just do not know what you know. Keep your frequency high and when they are ready, they will know who to talk to about increasing their own frequency.
So, up to now we have discussed the ways of going about increasing your frequency from the aspect of Feelings, and Internal Dialogue, but what happens when you come back to your body after a loving meditation time and your beliefs are still not lined up with your current situation? Well, like our Mormon friend from earlier, love-drunk and in the midst of an internal war; when a belief does not line up with your emotions for enough time we eventually will reach a boiling point. At this boiling point we must chose a path, to either change your feelings or change your beliefs. Now, fortunately, for the sake of this blog our missionary friend is a helpless romantic who has fallen way too hard for his girl. So, how does he go about changing his so very concrete beliefs?… The answer- lies in the question.
“To begin to question” is the answer to changing your beliefs; for once he has made the conscious decision to seek a new system to justify the decision to follow his heart, he will not stop until his beliefs have gone through a complete paradigm shift. Enlightenment is the most necessary component to changing a belief, because with the set of information currently available to you, you will only get as for as you have come. Only when a flaw has been uncovered in your belief is there a need to find a new system to follow. So, what do you do?… Research! Perhaps an attempt will first be made to keep his religious belief and search for a loophole to allow for his new love. Perhaps he will learn ways to comfortably abolish the construct of organized religion entirely in a means of loving his soulmate without boundaries. Truly it does not matter what direction he goes, what matters is the fact that he has chosen to change. His feelings will no longer be in constant turmoil. He can go forward into this new Age of Enlightenment and reason with himself until a new belief is reached. Don’t get me wrong, there will surely be many confusing emotions to come while taking this journey. But he can rest assured knowing that his search for a new truth is an adventure ultimately leading to the consistent feelings of love, gratitude joy, contentment and peace… So why not begin feeling these emotions now? We have already discussed how this can be accomplished through both meditation and story telling techniques, so why not let the journey to a new truth be one of positivity? And if you do this, your frequency will remain sky high as you proceed through the many walks and changes of this beautiful life. Beliefs are concrete indeed, but, remember that these “truths” are only “truths” to You. Concrete can still be crumbled to dust and at certain wakes of life it is necessary to get the jack-hammer of love out to make way for a beautiful new road with a new kind of concrete; one without potholes and cracks.
Time to increase your frequency?… Go do it! No longer will you be allowed to be a victim in the life you live. You are the conductor who has the power to change your emotions and realign your beliefs. You now possess a very promising set of tools which can unbolt the negative pieces of your life to make way for the far more beneficial. All it will take is some consistency in your practice and the belief that this life can be glorious. Practice with these new tools regularly and find out that indeed, You are exactly who you want to be.

Some Musical Guidance:

Alt- J: Taro
Alt- J: Dissolve Me
Nahko and Medicine for the People: Budding Trees
Nahko and Medicine for the People: So Thankful
Rebelution: Good Vibes
Rebelution: Feeling Alright
Stick Figure: Breathe
Stick Figure: Dreamland
The Movement: Gift
The Movement: Sweet Life
The Green: Alive
The Green: Travelah
Bon Iver: Skinny Love
Bon Iver: Lump Sum
J Boog: Sunshine Girl
J Boog: Love Season
Katchafire: Love Letter
Katchafire: Get Away
The Expanders: Race is Run
The Expanders: Moving Along
Vacationer: Paradise Waiting
Vacationer: Good as New
Avett Brothers: Go to Sleep
Avett Brothers: Laundry Room
Head and the Heart: Sounds like Hallelujah
Head and the Heart: Shake
Atmosphere: Sunshine
Atmosphere: LoveLife
Carbon Based Lifeforms: Interloper
Carbon Based Lifeforms: Supersede

Many more where this came from, but these are a few that come to mind. Feel free to add any of your favorites to comments! Go out and Send your Good Vibes!!

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