Why You should Go Primal

10,000 years ago, human history ushered in a new era. An era that put an end to nomadic rule and a beginning to single location sustainability and agriculture; this was the beginning of civilization. Along with this new era came numerous benefits but none which would outweigh the eventual ending of human evolution as a whole. Say goodbye to “survival of the fittest” and hello to the “survival of the fat, sick and dying” (but not quite dead). Of course, we had no idea of the negative side effects at the time, and if we did we probably would not have stopped, anyway. So what am I talking about? Am I suggesting that we ditch our civilizations to all go roam the land again in the name of health?? No, I am suggesting we use the resources available to us to make informed decisions about what we are putting into our bodies and the ways in which we choose to treat them.


When we (homo sapiens) no longer had the evolutionary need for a primitive survival IE: dashing away from predators, fast-paced tracking for the night’s supper, moving heavy objects out of your path; our genes began to get comfortable. When there is no environmental pressure for change then no change will occur. So essentially, we are identical (genetically) to our primitive (or cave man) ancestors. So why do we pretend to be something so different? Is it because we clearly have more intelligence than our primitive ancestors? Because we are enlightened and privileged beings? If this is the case then why are 70% of Americans on medication? (Drugfree.org) Whyare 2/3′s of us overweight? Why has world-wide obesity nearly doubled since 1980? (WHO.int) Yes, it is an epidemic and the solution lies not in powders, pills, equations and medications; but in our history.

The FDA suggests a “healthy” diet of food that our bodies have not learned to digest or fully utilize. These foods actually do more harm than good and will hopefully find their way entirely out of your diet soon. Grains, (even, and especially whole grains), beans, rice, sugars and genetically modified fruits, vegetable and meats of any kind hold no place in the human diet. Our diet should consist entirely of: fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, some nuts and seeds and organic meats, fowl, fish and eggs. Now, to fully illustrate the need for a primal diet and lifestyle on this single blog is just not feasible, but to understand some key components, read on: you will see why it is so important to question all of the “healthy” habits you know to be trueand find out why going primal is so important to do. When you go primal, you don’t have to eat every three hours if you don’t want to, you can shed away pound after pound of body fat effortlessly, and have sustainable energy whenever you want it! Your body will not have nearly the amount of antioxidants floating around your blood stream waiting for the catalyst to start the formation of cancer and disease. You will become less, on edge and instead find joy in creating healthy, delicious meals that will contribute towards your longevity.

Here’s the deal; you were born to be a fat-burning monster! When you came out of the womb your brain was already adapted to use fat as its main fuel source. Your first bite of baby formula was the beginning of the transformation from being that fat-burning monster that Mother Nature intended you, into the sugar-burning beast you have become. Eating every three hours or so is probably necessary for you. Any longer and you may start to get antsy, lethargic, and down-right cranky. This is because your brain is not receiving the fuel it requires to function properly- glucose. But, by not allowing your brain to use its favorite fuel source (because your carb intake is now closer to 50-150 grams, instead of 300-400 grams) it has no choice but to get creative. If your diet consists of delicious primal foods, that new creativity will soon lead the brain and body to again rely on what it was originally designed to use as a main fuel source- FAT!


 Now, we are far from perfect and striving for perfection in even the most motivated of times is not recommended, instead, adopt the 80:20 rule in all decision making (if you can do it right 80% of the time, then don’t worry about the 20% of times you slip or cheat). And as you strive toward a completely primal nutrition plan I suggest doing so in a step by step approach: Step 1- Eliminate grains of any kind from your diet. The first step toward ending your sugar-burning ways is to take out the main sources of glucose and the insulin response the body delivers when we eat it. Step 2- Find fruits and veggies that you enjoy eating, and fill your fridge with them. At some point or another you will eat the things in your home, why not set yourself up for success from the start? Step 3- Get some healthy fat and protein foods to provide energy and sustainability to your diet; nuts, seeds, butters, oils, avocado’s, cheese, and fatty cut meats will do the trick. Step 4- Eliminate any food that is not certified-organic, and GMO-free. When you get rid of most of the junk from your diet, the couple extra dollars to make step 4 happen will not seem like an issue, and if it does, then let’s talk priorities and where fuel for your life transporter falls on that list. Do your research of course, but trust me, you do not want all of the hormones and negative energies that have been linked into non-organic, GMO foods.

When you have become adapted to this new diet and the lifestyle that accompanies, your body will begin to see and feel all of the wonderful benefits of it. Your diet will no longer resemble that of the FDA’s suggested: 53% carb, 18% protein, 28% fat calories (FDA.com) and instead will be a far healthier (and much tastier) primal: 15-35% carb, 25-40% protein and 45-70% fat calories. Your body will function happily by burning fat and will provide you with the energy to power through your day without constant need for refills on coffee and energy drinks and you will truly be able to live life aware because you’ve made the conscious effort to find out how much better your life can be. Try it for three weeks (it will take about this long for all of your body systems to reformat and learn this new methodology) and see if a primal diet and lifestyle is right for you as well. Feel free to email me with any questions about your transition to a primal lifestyle and make sure to check out the books that will put it all into perspective in far more detail than this blog can. The Primal Blueprint  and The 21 Day Total Body Transformation by Mark Sisson. You were meant to live a life of fantastically fresh health and awareness: ensure that you are not withholding yourself from living the life you were intended to.

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