Yes, You are Meant for More, but Today is Still Important

You are becoming someone new every day.  Every sunrise that opens our eyes in the wake of morning brings along another opportunity to shed our skin and begin again. We shed the skin of our former selves to become who we are today. Some of us know which color, shape and size we are morphing into each new day: others are just along for the ride. Even though you know you are meant for something more; this chapter of your life is important. We dream, we hope, and we plan for much more, but today is still so essential. Your hope and focus today is the version of yourself that is on your way to being the so much more you imagine.

So today, make sure to take a look inward, have a conversation with yourself and inquire: what are the most important things to me?… Am I living my life to prove it?… Am I focusing too much on the end-goal?… Am I forgetting to enjoy who I am today?…  Give yourself some love today, only you know what you’ve really been through. Pick yourself up if you’re dragging today. Today is the only today you’ll receive. And tonight’s stars will put you to sleep once again, and watch you grow greater and wiser. So tomorrow’s sunrise can simply wake you again, you’ll become just the one you’ve intended. So learn from today and make sure its pointing the way towards the you that you know you were meant for.  Love yourself today for exactly who you are, and be sure you’re excited for what’s in store. Live Life Aware!!

Rocky RussoComment