A Sovereign Search

For me it's always been a sovereign search,

So please won't you define me by the inside out,

And when you speak will you please refrain from laymen's term or summaries,

For my PhD is in these sacred arts- of metaphysical, esoterica, things unseen...


Tell me stories please, about my powers- of forces I possess because I breathe,

Tell me more of my supernatural- my speed like cheetah, levitation like cloud, Love...

Tell me what has become of these.


But question you, I promise not to

I have sought too long to doubt in times like these,

And understand I still may not,

For a quest as this transcends this flesh and bones,

And hair, and thoughts and friends and doubts, even love and laws and egos and clout,


For me, it's always been a sovereign search,

So when I find You, will I know it's you?

Enlightened, Holy, Life-breath, Prana, Conscious, Higher, Papa, God, Me?....


Yes, one day I will know you intimately,

When that day comes won't you please unveil all the mystery?

The cosmic swing of worlds unseen, of quantum winds that usher new life, wrap my heart up with your wisdom, timeless tales of this until-that-time-fiction-history!..

Let me listen, can I ask you more? Won't you share these things with me?


Mentor, won't you spread your wing?

Rest my head inside your bosom

Stroke my soul with songs of wisdom, truth and love.

Tell me how we'll overcome someday, fearless warriors till the end,

Tell me how the darkness falls, how love will reign and lift the masses up, celebrate life unconditionally,


For me its always been a sovereign search,

So grateful to seek, so grateful to seek So Grateful to Seek,

So pleased to find….


Rocky RussoComment