Free from Dogmas- A System to keep you growing

In a means to remain impeccable in our quest to shape and create our own reality; let us stay forever free from dogmas. When we become dogmatic about any particular subject we stop evolving and instead begin clinging. In fact, we may cling so hard to our "truths" that we find ways to further solidify the stories that compliment these fairytales we so love. But, truth is only truth to you. For even in the most carefully described version of the truth that you know, anyone else will have their own version. The more we aim to define our truths with stubborn diligence the more they become real to us. But the whole world is continuing to change every day. This goes on with or without you.

            *Read all the way through to find the heady thought stream on remaining un-defined.

Don't get me wrong; I am not suggesting you hang up your religious beliefs or put your political opinion on the back-burner, but I am asking you to put them all to the test. Perhaps you will learn a thing or two.

Now, because I care about your evolution in society and in the world we live in,  (and because if you decide you do wish to follow anything blindly I would hope not to cross paths anyway) I give you a drill to try on a regular basis. This can be fun and should be performed regularly to ensure you never stop creating your own reality; a reality that we all get to share.

Ask yourself a question that you believe you definitely know the answer to. Instead of answering in the way you always would, allow yourself to answer it in a new way.

Play around with this "make believe" new reality and try it on for size. Notice just how uncomfortable it makes you feel to entertain this false truth and smile in the moments you realize your beliefs were only truths because you've told your self that story for so long. Reality is only your personal reality.

For the introverted- do you thrive in crowds of people?

For the macho man- are you gay?

For the Christian- do you believe in reincarnation?

For the depressed- are you filled with joyful glee?

The mind is a part of You. It is not You. Therefore, let us challenge it by shaking up the walls that it has built for us. This is not meant to always be a comfortable practice, but it is a necessary one. Sometimes you may walk away with a smirk and chuckle at the untrue thought you just entertained. Great! You’ve just reaffirmed and strengthened a truth that you hold near and dear to you. Some days you might entertain a "made up truth" to find out perhaps you've been too dogmatic in your views. Think of it as a form of checks and balances. As a way for You to not be subject to sub-conscious mind and the comfortable habits it has made for you to stroll through life as unaware as you would like to be.

What are you trying to work on in your life? Introduce a question or entertain a thought around this story in a way that is not completely comfortable with you. Relax into this awkward new story for a few moments and allow yourself to breathe past the static your subconscious throws your way when you call this You.


Am I graceful?

For a lot of my life I have been called a "bull in a China shop"  so my natural response is "no"…

Today I answer this question with a "yes." I breathe into this truth for a few moments to find out there is not as much static as I expected. I begin unpacking evidence and becoming aware as my eyes wander to the corner of my eyelids as I ponder deeply of all the ways I am in fact quite graceful. I stream a mental movie reel of compliments that I've received on the beautiful flow that I maintain while doing yoga. Follow this up with the ballet-like spins and Houdini-esc juke moves I've thrown on countless competitors while receiving MVP honors as a football running back.

Could I be graceful? Perhaps I am. In fact, I think I'll start breathing life into that truth. And sure this dogma I've been living with for years will not be changing overnight. But, at least the walls around these "true" stories I've been telling myself for so long, have started a crack, which, once crumbled, will allow for new, more beneficial pathways to be paved.

Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the laws that your subconscious has habitually created for You. Use this drill to take the power back; recapture the reigns of Your story to remain forever walking in the path that best serves You.


"It is the mark of an educated mind to explore an idea without accepting it." -Socrates.

Try it out. Think- before it becomes illegal.






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