Quitting is not an Option

Categorically remove the option to quit.

Now, break down your task into the smallest chunks necessary- and begin.

The first steps may seem punitive compared to the goal of sweet victory accomplished. But if it didn't seem so far or difficult to achieve, then it wouldn't be so worthy of your dreams now would it? But, Lord knows you have dreamt of this great feat for many lifetimes.

Are you still dreaming of this finish line? This close-to-impossible goal that lies just beyond the horizon of practical hope? Just because it's hard to find, behind all the junk and clutter separating it from where you are, does not mean that it's unattainable. If it can exist inside your most immaculate dreamscape it can exist in the 3 dimensional plane in which you live and breathe.

Continue watering the seed of this reality daily and be grateful when it starts to sprout into a tree. Start planning for the pruning you will have to do in order to showcase these abundant branches on this life you only thought existed in your fantasies. Believe full-heartedly in even this most mundane step that you take in the direction of you goal, your life your ideal reality. Believe that it is worthy or your focus, discipline and time.

Quitting is no longer an option. So what does the first step look like? And after that, the second, third and on and on you go… Soon you will see your Yellow Brick Road actualizing right in front of you. Don't wait until then to start believing in your path. It is there- your goal and every dream awaits you. And the Universe conspires to aid in your great walk once you decide to make it. The road is truly not as long and grueling as it seems.

Take a step, your direction is correct, and there still is categorically no option to quit.

Rocky Russo2 Comments