The Shift- a Memoir of this Transformative Chapter

There are many different chapters of life in-which it becomes clear that- it is time to make a shift. Some of us refer to this as "changing with the seasons" others refer to the "ebbs and flows" of life. I may have called this past chapter of my life any one of these cliché titles a time or two. But never did I lose sight of the destination in the process. Sure there were times when doubt would whisper in my inner ear but deep down I always knew full-well what I had to do. The treasure to my quest would be found woven into the threads of my dharma, my purpose. This purpose defined by me as "being an infinite flow of love and light."

With a dharma this vague, I could surely discover my greatest purpose while doing just about anything; from washing dishes to pouring beer, to managing nights at a hostel or even chopping down trees while working as a landscaper. Over the past year and a half I have joyfully shined my "infinite light" while spending time with each of these professions. It is through this time of exploration, contemplation and discovery that I have been able to "change with the season" in what has been and will continue becoming the most exciting and gratifying time of my life.

Here I finally stand again. Facing you- the people… the person. You. Yes, You. I've been averting my eyes from you for a while, but pleased am I, to smile wide and turn my gaze from the sky where it has been for oh so long, to find the eyes of those who I am here to serve once again.

This may all sound very fluffy and a bit vague to you, so allow me to elaborate a bit on what exactly it is I am referring to.

Three years ago I left my cushy, corporate, salaried "Globo Gym" position as a Personal Training Manager to start my own business as a trainer. Over the next year and a half I grew a fine business by any private personal trainer's standard and was pleased to be helping clients and friends in the way that I knew best. Business was good, my clients were happy, and I was getting comfortable- Uh-oh, comfortable?… It must be time for a change.

The specifics of the change that needed to be made were still not completely clear to me, but I was aware that my deepest Self was never going to be realized or shared by just "being comfortable" especially in my never-ending quest to find and fulfill my dharma.

So, I left.

In December 2015 I took a hiatus from the field of health and fitness in order to break down, pick apart, disappear, learn, read, educate, meditate until it was finally time to begin to recreate.

In July of 2016 I began working countless hours on the newest platform for the message I had been cultivating. And in October of that same year I was pleased to see the fruits of my labor beginning to start budding.

I teamed up with a company to help create my app "Elevated Being." This works in conjunction with the website I had been tirelessly building and the 30+ videos my brother and I had been recording to fill it with.

My digital presence was alive.

Well, there was at least a pulse; although soft and steady, I was alive again. And, once more, I had a brand to call my own; one that I was actually proudly capable of believing in again! One that transcends beyond the physical body and the all-too-prevalent message found in personal training: "just work harder" and "practice more will-power," "You've got to want it." They DO want it! Every client who signs up to be helped wants IT. Introducing "Elevated Being." A living, breathing platform for those who seek an entire life elevation and know that a fit and healthy body will come as part of a more elevated self.

But, still there was something missing. One puzzle piece was left out and it was all too clear to me. I was determined though, I would not rush it. I knew full well that this necessary piece would manifest in exactly the right way in precisely the right time.

May 15, 2017. Not so long ago. The download for my newest operating system was complete. I had experienced the shift. I had the puzzle piece in place and I was ready for personal action.

The details of the day will be left for another time as they flirt with some more esoteric topics which will be best discussed in another blog or in person (come say what's up!) If it's any consolation, I was just wrapping up a month in Bali where I had just finished my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with some of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the privilege or sharing space with.

Part of me still remains in the clouds as my crown soaks up the white light from which I've been gazing at for all this time. But now my path is finally clear again. My gaze is once more set on the eyes of the horizon in front of me as I wear the shift with pride and begin my true pursuit of helping those who seek it yet again. Always from a place of love and light and in the way that allows me to reach more than any other way.

I love people. I love their potential. And I love helping them find new ways of unlocking that potential. Once this happens, then we can all benefit from these most elevated versions of ourselves. And in my never-ending quest to reach the world and teach this message of unconditional love, beginning with the self! I am grateful, and humbled to be walking boldly in my dharma once again. With new avenues to reach people overseas as well as close to home, with multiple modalities ranging from: embodied strength training, yoga, massage work, energy work, nutritional therapy, online training and good vibe delivering I am on the upswing of this shift and enjoying the journey with open arms. Come join the fun by enquiring how I can be of service to you.


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