If I'm just Spirit anyway...

If by any and all considerations i am simply perfectly and unashamedly Spirit anyway- then bequeathed is the eye of the observer to pay witness to the acts of physicality I presume to participate in.

Why must Soul Embodied slam the hammer to the iron? Why must he disrobe the loosely hanging skinsuit in effort to create a new? Why must I bleed ink to paper canvas just to spill a heart that simply lives a century upon this rock?

Completely baffled and confused is he who smells the flames of righteous labor from my house and in my garden of my herbs.

-Why do you seek to accomplish feats that will not last when you are gone? Is this not just simple business of body, time and mind? You should spend your days upon this plane in silent meditation brother. Focused eyes rest gently on the tip of your nose and hands upon your knees in lotus pose.

Ah- of course my friend- to know thyself and of the sovereign space from which you came is necessary. But little do you know of how my mindscape lays a sacred plane on which I stand to do these works. And in my every task and chore to build and better self and those around me, I carry with me one great task upon my heart. This task is not a burden but a joy and breathes new life into every step I take, into all the chores that I partake and in each and every new friend's hand I shake...

-You work and upon your work you compact more work? Drop your works and come know the God of love we seek in stillness and in prayer.

But that's just it dear One,

The joyous task I carry with me through my works and in my chores is that which you are seeking. And find it you just may when you decide to lift the pick to plow your field once again. The only work that I partake in is directed by the God that works within me. And the service I provide is simply, only and unashamedly-


For Love is Spirit is Ghost embodied. And to know thyself is to know the love that shines from every space that glows within us. You are already a channel, breathing Love into your every sacred cell. Build bridges with me brother and allow for Love to reach the world. Love with me dear brother- for Love is all there is to know.



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