Behind the Scene Routine- How to enjoy every moment of life while remaining in-line with your heart's desires

I am spontaneous. Maybe even sporadic at times. I am here then there and everywhere, often filling every moment of my day with work and play and joy just to come crashing into bed at night having squeezed out as much sweet juice as I could from the fruit of each day. As playful and spontaneous as I allow myself to be and happily thrive- there is quite a bit of behind the scenes routine that goes on to allow it. The beauty of routine is a concept that I did not harness right away- I have been quoted many a time saying "I like to get to where I'm going quickly so that I can truly, fully be there." I like to relate this to a hummingbird- darting around from sweet nectar to sweet nectar and enjoying every sip of life's abundance when I am there. Spontaneity has a price though, and if played out without being mindful, living this way can easily become detrimental. Because of this awareness I possess, I also find myself often quoting Ben Franklin: "fail to plan, plan to fail." Now, however do I find ways to conduct these two seemingly contradicting practices into one seamless, enjoyable life? How can I continue to create abundance while darting around and fully being present in each experience I find my way in to?

Routine. Routines are a part of nearly every successful person's life because they remove so much of the unnecessary brain-power involved with carrying out the oftentimes most-important parts of your day. By setting up some simple, empowering routines in your life you are not only eliminating stress, you are also maximizing your own potential by continuously performing these beneficial patterns. Planning isn't always easy. Especially for someone like me who enjoys going with the flow and riding the wave of life where it takes me.  So, instead of attempting to do something counter to my own beliefs and direct the wave where to take me, I instead set myself up for success ahead of time by only riding the waves that are going in the direciton of my heart's desires. 

Okay Rocky, enough with the analogies, what do you mean?

Simple. There are two steps that you need to understand in order to help you live however you desire because you have your own "Behind the Scene Routines." These steps are:

1Practice positive, productive internal dialogue (self-talk)


2. Do. And Believe in whatever moves you closer to your goal.

So, the first, most important step to my "Behind the Scene Routine" practice can often be the most difficult one... Practice positive, productive Internal dialogue. Yes, I talk to myself. But don't we all? Are you not talking to yourself right now as you comprehend each word that you are reading? And isn't it interesting how your thoughts about each word you read get translated into thought energy delivering an array of possible emotions for your hypothalamus to comprehend? And does that brain of yours not respond to those emotions by releasing hormones and further pulling you into whatever feeling you are experiencing, all as a result of this internal dialogue? Wow, pretty powerful stuff right? So then, positive and productive internal dialogue must be key to your success. (For a deeper dive on this concept check out my article Time to Increase Your Frequency)

When we are practicing positive internal dialogue with ourselves we generally approach each task from a more empowered state; that's what it means to be positive! So, now that we are looking at the task-at-hand optimistically, what kind of productive decisions must we lay out to ensure proper dream/journey alignment? Or to put it another way: Now that we are stoked about our life-journey because of our positive self-talk, what can we do to better align our journey in the direction of our dreams? 

This ever-important question leads us right to our second step:

Do. And Believe in whatever moves you closer to your goal. My screen saver on my computer is a picture of a man on the top of a beautiful mountain at dawn with the words: "the distance between dreams and reality is called action." Simple steps is all that is required to usher you ever closer to your goal. Action, progress, movement, verbs combined with intention are all you need to start seeing your hard work come to life. So take action and believe in what you are doing! The most minuscule task can quite often feel like such if we allow it. But when that sweet empowering voice inside your head is only speaking in positive productive tongues then you will maintain the reassurance necessary to continue doing what you know needs to be done. And you know why you know? Because you feel it. Again we can go full circle here into how our feelings are simply a thermometer to tell us whether or not we are in alignment with our dreams and goals. But, science and quantum physics aside; you know what you need to do because you feel it somewhere deep inside of you. So, go do it! And when you are doing it, when you are performing your behind the scene routines, continue marrying positive emotion to your task. When you are in the flow of traveling your intention-filled life purpose take moments to stop and breathe some high-frequency, super-charged, deep, meaningful breaths into them. This will help solidify in your deepest mindscape that what your doing is correct and in line with your greatest desires. 

Now, if you haven't noticed, or cared to yet; everything I've been talking about is only possible if you are clear and conscious about your dreams and goals and purpose. So, feel free to take a moment right now and remember why it is that you wake up each day. What is your purpose? (If this question is very difficult for you to answer then please drop me a line and let's talk about some life-coaching. No shame in that!)

Seriously, go ahead and pause, and get specific with yourself...

Okay, now that you are clear and present with your calling, let's spend a few moments exploring some Behind the Scene Routines that will help you further align your walk in the direction of your dreams. Now, because your dreams are as unique and beautiful as you, why don't we explore some of these ideas by allowing me to share some of my routines with you. Take away from it what you would like to, I would be honored to see some of my methods become some of your own. 


Alarm goes off and before I can even open my eyes or reach for my alarm I force a smile. Seriously, I lay there like a goof with a smile plastered on my tired face. After turning my alarm off I bring the feelings of three specific emotions into my consciousness, one at a time. (The details of this are further laid out in my article Beginning Your Day in Bliss) I do this because happiness is very important to me so I practice some endorphin boosting smile therapy first thing in the morning. I am also aware that by attaching three of my goal emotions to happiness I am traveling closer to those feelings as a normal part of my routine.

Throughout my every day there are numerous other behind the scene routines that I partake in, almost without exception. Some of these and their brief reasons for them are listed below:

Perform 3 Sun salutations (yoga routine) on bare earth before I eat, or work or do anything else in the morning

If my body is calling for more than just the three Sun A's then I happily abide, but allowing myself the time to get grounded by earthing my bare feet on the grass not only discharges any excess floating positive ions, but also allows me time to bring intentional awareness and gratitude to the day in front of me.

Elevated Fast every Tuesday/ Thursday

If you have not experienced the positive effects of an intermittent fast on a regular basis then, please, try it out! Intermittent fasting has numerous benefits that I detail more in some of my other articles. Check out Eat Fat- Get Lean and my recipe for my Elevated Coffee Beverage to find out how you can more tolerably and more beneficially bridge the gap between average and spectacular mental, physical and spiritual performance through the implementation of "Elevated Fasting"

Activity every day

Most commonly I will strive to break a sweat before the latter half of the day as I enjoy immensely all of the energy-boosting endorphins, focus and drive that comes from it. Not only do I yearn to take care of the physical body every day, but by keeping my workouts different and new I get to charge the rest of my day's tasks with an extra focus that I would not have without it. More details on the effects of early and varying exercises check out Rise and Grind; a detailed crash course on how to be healthy and ripped.

Blue light blocking glasses after dark

Delving deep into the many benefits of having good bedtime etiquette is a topic to be saved for another full blog; but, one of the most important components to great health is a proper circadian rhythm. One of the the easiest ways to take control of your circadian rhythm is by filtering out all of the unnatural blue light after dark. It's an easy investment that will help get you into a restful sleep much sooner. Find the pair I use here.

These are just a few of my normal Behind the Scene Routines that I practice regularly in order to better align my journey with my dreams. I am not dogmatic in my practice of any of them really; I slip up from time to time, I'm human! Perhaps some of your desires are similar to mine, in which case it is my hope that you will adopt some of my routines as your own. But, as you get better at practicing positive, productive self-talk and carefully craft or further solidify some of your beneficial routines always remember to believe in what you are doing. Enjoy the journey by enjoying the process; enjoy the process by practicing positive, productive habits; habits that are in line with your heart's deepest desires. Your desire's are there for a reason. Don't shut them out. Acknowledge them and breathe life into them by creating the healthy habits that will see them through.

And of course, Stay Elevated.


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