Elevated Coffee- The Ultimate High Frequency IM Fasting Cocktail

This is my ultimate weapon for ass-kicking energy, mental clarity and focus all day long. My special blend of magic keeps me full during an intermittent fast by kicking my body into sustainable nutritional ketosis. My coffee blend helps me to stay healthy and more vibrant with the insane amount of adaptogens and immune boosters. And, if that wasn't enough; my ability to stay focused with clear, gradual, healthy energy is comparable to nothing else.

After bragging about something to this extent, it may sound as though I am on the verge of trying to sell you one or all of these magical products. But, on the contrary- I am rather totally stoked by my cocktail and wish to share the love for anyone else who wishes to feel as awesome as I do. So, for any of you who would rather kick a lot of ass instead of slugging along through the activities of your day listen up. Here is the ingredient list to create my Elevated Coffee Beverage.

Step 1: Brew using your preferred method (I like French press) Kimera Koffee (use code "BEN" for 10% off). This coffee not only tastes great and is single compound sourced from sustainable, clean locations but is also infused with fabulous nootropics. With the addition of these naturally occurring "smart drug" type compounds your coffee is already boosted with cognitive enhancing compounds such as Taurine, Theanine, and Alpha GPC. These nootropics will help you to stay focused, and allow for better memory recall, focus, red blood cell circulation, power output and fat burning. What?? All that in a cup of coffee? Yes, pretty amazing I know. There are a few other high-octane, nootropic infused coffees out there from different companies such as "Mastermind Coffee" and "Javazen." So far, I have been a believer in Kimera though.

Step 2: Pour your Kimera Koffee into a large mug and add your exogenous nutritional ketones. I have experienced exceptional results fromPerfect Keto as well as "PruvIt Super OS".  The Chocolate flavored Perfect Keto consists of:  Beta Hydroxybutyratee, Calcium and Magnesium. Now, let's break down step 2 for a moment. These are some multi-syllable, scientific words... Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is exogenous ketone bodies in nutritional form. When ingested, they kick your body into a state of supercharged ketosis.

This not only allows for your body to better manufacture energy via stored fat and turn you into a fat-melting-monster but also helps to feed the brain a type of fuel it probably does not get to see or use quite as often (unless you have been following a high fat, low carb diet for a long time already). You may notice an excess amount of cognitive function, energy, focus and clarity because of the response certain regions of the brain have to this brilliant source of fuel (for more on ketosis refer to my Rise and Grind blog).

Step 3: Piggybacking off of step 2, we introduce the addition of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oils and heavy whipping cream (use ghee as a replacement if you are lactose intolerant). MCT oil is among the easiest of lipids for your body to break down and use to create ketone bodies to use as energy for both the brain and body. When you are boosting your body into ketosis by adding exogenous ketones via BHB, why not keep your body's most preferred fat-fuel close at hand to sustain your ketosis for as long as possible? This is also one of the reasons for the heavy cream- by adding an extra amount of pure fat to the drink, not only are you providing the body with more usable energy, you are additionally aiding in the body's recognition of satiety allowing it to feel full. This down-regulates hormones such as Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and allows you to sustain a longer intermittent fast (if that is indeed the goal). Plus, there's no denying that some heavy cream in your chocolatey, oil, delicious coffee drink just makes it taste that much more amazing!

Step 4: Pour in some wild fungus via Mushroom Blend Powder. Mushroom blend? Yes, we are adding magical delicious immune boosting shrooms to our morning coffee. Not the kind you are thinking, silly (we'll save psilocybin micro-trips for breakfast for another blog post). The two brands that I have used are the one included in the picture "Naturealm Sacred 7" as well as "Four Sigmatic Winning X Blend". The latter option has a few additional mushrooms in the mix, but comes at a slightly higher price point oz for oz. I just finished my last bag of Winning X and have now found another comparable brand. In my opinion, they are both wonderful products. But! Opinions aside- why do I add a bunch of fungus to my morning coffee cocktail? Well, here is a little list: Immune boosters, anti-inflammation, adaptogenisis, antiviral capabilities, antitumoral capabilities, neuro-regeneration, improved libido and sexual function and the list goes on. The mushrooms add a sort of rich nuttiness to the taste and practitioners of ancient medicine have been using them for thousands of years. So, why don't we? Try it out and let me know what you think.  

Step 5: Frappe it all up! I have many different frappe wands that I use (only one is necessary) to mix, stir and bind everything in my cup together so that I can enjoy my rich, nutritious, naturally-healing, fat-burning, laser-focused, sustainably-energetic, absolutely delicious coffee beverage right in the comfort of my own home.

Keep in mind, I do not recommend using all of these ingredients every day. Especially if you haven't yet allowed your body to adapt to nutritional ketosis naturally. This process is a matter of extended wisdom and discipline and should not be taken lightly.

So, there you have it. The Elevated Coffee beverage. Shoot me a message for additional information on protocol and proper usage on any and all of the products. And, if a few of these ingredients seem familiar from some other well-known coffee drinks, it is because I absorb my information from some of the best in the business! So, here is me giving credit where credit is due. To some of my favorite teachers, and mentors: Ben Greenfield @bengreenfieldfitness , Dave Asprey @dave.asprey , and Tim Ferris @timferriss . Thanks for all you do. Please stay curious! And to you, reader. Glad you made it this far. Give the drink a try. Reach out with any questions as some of the compounds listed have very specific dosages that should be followed. And, until next time- Stay Elevated!

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