Act like You've been There

Inevitably, you have heard this phrase before. Most likely in the sports arena or in some other form of competition which deems a winner and a loser. Today, we bring new meaning to the term "act like you've been there." As many competitors, entrepreneurs, and winners have seen, it is often far easier to act like we have been there, standing in the throes of glory because well- we have. And to anyone reading who has not often felt much like a winner, perhaps you have consistently tried and failed or never given much of an effort at all; you will see, that it is still in your very best interest to act like you've been there nonetheless. Up until now, you have probably heard this term used as a synonym for "be humble" or "don't brag". But today, I offer a second meaning, one that is of equal importance to any winner, and if you are still reading then yes, I am talking to You, Winner. Act like you've been "there" because as long as you live out this truth of your desired reality, this new reality will begin to paint itself into your every moment of life.

 "There" Where is "there" this mysterious place that we have apparently spent so much of our time in? "There" could be absolutely anywhere, anything, even anyone- whatever it is that you are aiming to manifest or bring more of into your world, act like you've already been there. You are a winner, you got the girl, you achieved the near impossible. Imagine it, taste it, breathe it, close your eyes and marinade your senses in it. What does "there" feel like, smell like, sound like? Be there. Seriously, go ahead and close your eyes if it's easier and be there… Feel nice? Now look back at where you actually are right now. From the "there" that you are manifesting, simply draw a giant X and then draw out the treasure map that will begin where You stand today. This treasure map will not zigzag over tall mountains and through treacherous gorges. The path will not run into big hairy monsters or take you in the wrong direction for a while. No, your new treasure map, should you decide to follow it, is a straight path paved in love and glowing lights that will lead you directly to your X.

What exactly am I referring to here? This expecting principle is more formally referred to as Visualization. Visualization has been practiced by professional athletes, fortune 500 CEO's and successful people around the world for as long as brains have been functioning. By allowing your brain to visualize a circumstance or event in the way you would hope it to turn out you are programming it to expect and become more comfortable with the situation when it is actually upon you. Because the brain does not know the difference between real and pretend (consider your most vivid dream), you can paint the picture in your head as clearly or as abstract as is believable. So paint away Picasso! The picture in your head must be believable at least in some small regard and most importantly, you must expect for this reality to be already in the process of unfolding. (For more on manifesting techniques and healthy practices check out my blog Have a Good Day Everyday)

Why am I telling you this? Because it is the simple truth. And because my X looks very similar in shape, size, smell and color to exactly where I sit right now. My journey to the life I seek is paved with the infinite good intention of spreading love and knowledge to any and all who are ready and willing to hear it. So, do you want more money? Then act like you have it. Are you hoping to start a new business? Believe it already is successful. Act as though it is thriving. Believe that it will be and watch as it all becomes. Trust in the process of the secrets of the universe. All though it may seem like a blind faith, this faith that you will put into the process is exactly the fuel that is needed to get you "there." By consistently putting yourself at your X and checking in on your journey will ensure that you are continuing to act accordingly. What will be different in your life when your every day is spent "there?" Will your daily routine be different?  Will your stress levels drop and your happiness increase? Then do not wait any longer! Be there. Act like you've been there and allow the journey to unfold until you are.

The whole universe conspires to aid in your desired experience of it. You are the leading role in the greatest story of all time. Your story. Act like the big deal you are… and act like you've been there; this time I mean it in the humbling sense. Act as if your dreamy lifestyle is simply something you have seen and done a thousand times. Stay humble, grateful and kind. Keep the faith and continue working forward toward your X whenever any opportunity presents itself. Be careful, there will be plenty from now on. And above all, beginning right this moment; act like you've be there.


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