Have a Good day Every day

Ho hum... Sigh... A long faced gaze gets followed by a slow moving body toward the tasks or lack thereof for the day. Usually you can wake up charged; greet the day with motivation to conquer and continue on your life's great journey. But today just seems to be one of those days. A ho hum day that will not be shaken easily. Perhaps you've already determined it to be a day you simply await an end to, dreaming instead of a better tomorrow. 

Let's end this trend right now! This day is not a waste of time and there is still much work to be done. Yes, you can get through this day, better yet, you can thrive through this day! Whatever you are doing now, stop for a moment. Before continuing on this path of today's destruction follow these few steps to a better today.

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  1. Go outside. Find a patch of grass, sand, dirt or stone- some kind of naturally occurring earth and take your shoes off. Sink your bare feet down into your earth. (Barefeet are an essential part to this step as it will permit all of the positive effects of grounding/earthing* yourself)
  2. Force a smile and hold it for at least 7 seconds. This will trigger a response from your nervous system to expect some incoming "happy hormones.**" With the immediate drop in blood pressure as a result of your newly introduced hormones your body will begin to loosen up and feel lighter.
  3. Take these few moments of lightness to breath in three deep breaths. Upon each breath hold for a moment on the top of your inhalation to find gratitude for something in your life. IE: "I am so grateful for my wonderful family and the unconditional love and support they provide." Do three of these. Make them meaningful, you have much to be grateful for! 
  4. Now, take a power stance***, spreading the body as open and as bold as possible. Hold your stance while you take in three more slow breaths. Let each breath permit a pause on the top of your inhale for you to bring a self affirmation. IE: "I am a powerful unstoppable force, no earthly hurdle can stop me from achieving that which I set out to accomplish." Upon your third breath allow your affirmation to deal specifically with your power over your current situation.
  5. Visualize**** yourself conquering the day ahead. Nailing all of your meetings, smiling at so many friends, both new and old and then- commence. Your day has now been turned around.

Now tell me this day can't be a good day after all! If your day started off on the wrong foot then I urge you to try this practice and turn it around! Do not allow your low vibrations to direct the course of your day. Instead, decide right here and now to take a stand and turn today into another great one, hell, it will only take you 3 minutes. 


*Grounding/Earthing: The process of using the earth's negative charge to neutralize the body's abundance of positively charged free radicals. Grounding has been shown to decrease stress, decrease blood pressure, decrease cortisol and shifts the body into a more parasympathetic dominant state, allowing the body to function as if it were in a relaxed stress free state.

** Smile therapy is a practice that has been used for years to reduce stress by way of tricking your brain into believing you are truly happy. The brain does not know the difference between a fake and a real smile, it just responds to your smile muscles being flexed by dumping endorphins into your blood stream thereby making your feel happier and less stressed immediately.

***Power Stances are performed by taking up as much space as possible or by striking a pose that says "I am confident, proud and in control." The practice of power stances have been shown to increase free testosterone in the body permitting a much more confident demeanor. It has also been shown to lower cortisol (stress hormone) significantly, offering a one, two punch.

****Visualization has been practiced by professional athletes, fortune 500 CEO's and successful people around the world. By allowing your brain to visualize a circumstance or event in the way you would hope it to turn out you are programming it to expect and become more comfortable with the situation when it is actually upon you. Again, the brain does not know the difference between real and pretend so paint the picture in your head as clearly as you can and then expect for it to turn out exactly as you've instructed.

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