Love Is

What have we else here bot oh so little time?…. A blip, an incomplete sentence, a tiny moment in which this fleshy home encompasses the soul that which resides… You. You are energy. You cannot be created or destroyed; therefore, you were always a part of this existence and will forever remain… Not as a whispering breeze forever roams this earthly planet, but as the dust that once was molded from that space ship You were driving for X amount of years… So in Your courtesy to both this Earth mother as well as to all of your brothers and sisters that share it… Live a life that allows you to leave this a better place than You found it. Live in a way that allows for love and gratitude to reign supreme. Lift this world up by lifting yourself to a better vibration– the best vibration! Why should any earthly antagonist keep you from Your blip of a fairytale that You were created to realize and achieve?? Let go of boundaries, let go of regret, do away with hate and self-loathing. For You. You, are the same bright shining light that You have always been and always will be. The God that lives in You is still the same that lives in me, and my oh my, are we still sovereign!... So rise up! Accept Your throne with loving humility and enforce laws of only the important things– Wisdom, Honor, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, and most of all, Love. Always, always Love… For Love, Is.

Rocky RussoComment