I Am...

I Am nothing.


Absolutely and positively nothing.

What a relief.

I am not even the ether or the water, nor the fire, air- no!

I am graciously and quite honestly nothing without a doubt.

And even that thought you maintain of Nothing, is still too much something for me,

For in the way I can fit into your mind's mold of still void,

I can create everything from this space

So just as I am nothing, I am everything all the same,


And when you had your back turned I became all that could possibly be.


I exist in the infinity of even intangible things,

I marinade in the daydream you've created of me.

And while my aura floods into this world,

Let the bystanders stop, point and stair,

For no one can see things from the view that I have,

As a being made of nothing, still one bit of all things,

coexistent and concurrently everything

In harmony!


And no one, not nothing could stop me from living-

        and breathing

                   and dreaming

                              and being

          all together just a thought-

Simply love, hope, breath, life- that I live on this journey

To the nothing of the vast every thing I once came.

So plainly put and simply,


I Am…

Rocky RussoComment