1 on 1 Online Training

1 on 1 Online Training

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The perfect combination of personalization and freedom all from one state of the art online training platform. Receive your completely customized, results driven plan with ongoing assistance, open communication that will get you exactly where you have always wanted to go. Customized programs range from once weekly through every day, based on your needs. 

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Enjoy the benefit of training in your own space at your own pace with a coach that is there whenever you need. By joining a 1 on 1 fitness program you can choose to receive anywhere form 1-6 days a week of formal fitness programming every week. 1- 2 x/ week is a great option for someone who needs some fresh ideas and programming in their fitness routine. Whereas, the 3x/week-Works programs are for the individual who desires a more complete program where I provide everything you need. The Works also includes nutritional coaching and as many days of activity as we decide are necessary for your fastest improvement. All programs are administered through the Elevated Being App and all programs are given open access to contact their trainer throughout the program. 

*Please note that you are purchasing your first month of coaching today. When we decide to continue on with your program you will be invoiced for the ensuing month.