Can't we relax into the utter unknown? Can't we smile with this unexpected guest we call Uncertainty? She shows up at our Family table awaitingunwarranted, undivided attention. And in the sacred warm embrace of this chaotic order we realize- that we have no choice but to learn to thrive like this, so we let go. And accept, embrace and laugh with our outspoken, mess of a guest among our table. We joke and flirt and rub elbows with her, we ask if she needs second helpings, hoping that she'll stay a while. But little did we know that she was always there from the beginning- embraced by Mother, and by Father, old friends with Grandma, and now relaxing here with Us. We'll reach our arms out to cherish this truth- that the miracle was never having all life's answers at all, but to confidently stride hand in hand with your teacher, mentor, lover, friend- Uncertainty, you've always made my life so sweet. And you're welcome to stay as long as you please.


Rocky RussoComment