The Gift

As we sit in silence our minds scream for peaceful understanding as we lay,

Under these stars, wrapped up in night, the cloak of darkness will bring mystery to this all-revealing, nakedness of infinite insight.

And your index finger twirls your locks, reflections from God's smile bring a twinkle as they kiss your curious eye,

And still we sit in stealthy silence, never awkward, never needing something more,

For here locked in this sweet glimpse of a moment,  your thoughts sing in harmony with mine,

And here unbound by time at all, these thoughts become the prayer, becomes our ever-closer fairytale of a story.

Truer than a a shadow beams the shape from which it came.  And truer still than ocean tides bring wet sand, once was dry.

But nothing can parlay this silence, for in this voicelessness there sings a song of fate's serenity from Source.

A gift, a timeless moment, this moment, this infinity, shaped to be the one we asked for long ago.

So, solitude we'll sing with you, for in this forever, our minds scream of grace and gratitude,

And we lift up our love on angel wings that we send soaring back to You.

So we can bathe in peaceful silence, understand the present is the only gift we need.

Rocky RussoComment