These loosely hanging leaves,

Have started fading colors over night it seems,

And scorching skies have tanned this Hyde,

But suddenly give way unto a new breeze,


So swaddle me in graceful change,

And when I'm hanging from my final limb,

Won't you whisper that "all is okay"


Tell me how the grounds not that far,

Reassure me I float buoyantly ,

Promise me that I'm resilient,


Can you Show me all the good things?


Like how we'll dance in circles as we fall,

And change is a sweet song of mystery,

How each story ends 'happy ever after' after all….


Won't you sway with me on this grass colored rust,

Sit with me as we disintegrate,

Feed the soil, nourish the roots ofour tree,


Life into new life, dust to dust.


Rocky RussoComment